My Desk

6 juni 2024 Art and Science, My Desk

By Ellen Pater. A stable surface, yet always changing. Configuring for different tasks. That is my desk. It is where I draw, where I read, where I write, listen to music and drink my coffee. It is where I prepare my prints, engrave copperplates with sharp burins on a sack of sand, or roughen their surface with a rocker to make a mezzotint, tools of a trade that are now accompanied by my grandfather’s old wetting stone to sharpen my burins before use. Other times there is a microscope, to study a…

Sperm, Van Leeuwenhoek

Great new biography of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

14 april 2023 Antoni van Leeuwenhoekjaar 2023, Art and Science, Review

Review by: Eric Jorink In case you were not aware of it yet: 2023 is Antoni van Leeuwenhoek-year. Many activities will be devoted to commemorating the famous microscopist’s death 300 years ago. Among the events are an exhibition at Rijksmuseum Boerhaave; an international conference to be held at the Royal Society, a richly illustrated book edited by our team-members Sietske Fransen and Tim Huisman and a wonderful new biography by Geertje Dekkers, published this week. Cover of ‘Many, small and cu…

Albrecht Durer, Bugs, Crawlies, Merian

Symposium ‘Crawly Creatures in Context,’ 27 October

18 november 2022 Art and Science, Context 17th century microscopy, Events

by: Tiemen Cocquyt and Mieneke te Hennepe The Rijksmuseum’s current exhibition ‘Crawly Creatures’, focuses on the mediaeval and early modern perception on small, easily overlooked, critters, such as: mice, snakes and insects. It was curated by Jan de Hond, curator of History at the Rijksmuseum, Artis Library curator Hans Mulder, and our own research project’s PI (principal investigator), Eric Jorink. The exhibition shows highly detailed representations of insects, three dimensional objects such…