Sperm, Van Leeuwenhoek

Great new biography of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

14 april 2023 Antoni van Leeuwenhoekjaar 2023, Art and Science, Review

Review by: Eric Jorink In case you were not aware of it yet: 2023 is Antoni van Leeuwenhoek-year. Many activities will be devoted to commemorating the famous microscopist’s death 300 years ago. Among the events are an exhibition at Rijksmuseum Boerhaave; an international conference to be held at the Royal Society, a richly illustrated book edited by our team-members Sietske Fransen and Tim Huisman and a wonderful new biography by Geertje Dekkers, published this week. Cover of ‘Many, small and cu…

Teaching at a primary school for ‘Door de Lens van Antoni’

29 december 2022 Antoni van Leeuwenhoekjaar 2023, Events, Primary school, Teaching

by: Larissa van Vianen. During the month November our team member Eric Jorink and intern Larissa van Vianen participated in the teaching programme ‘Door de Lens van Antoni’ as part of the upcoming Antoni van Leeuwenhoek memorial year of 2023. In four lessons the pupils of year 8 of primary school ‘De Vuurtoren’ in Lelystad were invited by our team members to follow in Van Leeuwenhoek’s footsteps and conduct their own scientific research, using microscopes, and preparations they made themselves t…